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Bolt Action Force Builder
Build your army from the selections available to you in the drop down boxes. Add text here! **You will get up to a 15% Discount based on the choices made below**
500pts Soviet Army
Bolt Action Points Values Description Value Second Lieutenant & one extra rifleman 60 Inexperienced Infantry Squad (11) NCO SMG, LMG 0 Infantry Squad (11) NCO SMG, LMG 133 Infantry Squad (11) NCO SMG, LMG 133 Anti-Tank rifle Team 30 Sniper...
500pts Italian Army
Bolt Action Points Values Description   Value Regular 2nd Lieutenant plus 1 attendant   60 Regular Forward Artillery Officer plus 1 attendant   110 Regular Infantry Section (10) LMG Team, NCO with SMG   123 Inexperienced Infantry Section (10) LMG...
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500pts Italian Bersaglieri Army
Bolt Action Points Values Description   Value 2nd Lieutenant plus attendant   91 Bersaglieri Infantry Section (6) LMG Team, NCO with SMG   101 Bersaglieri Infantry Section (6) LMG Team   98 Bersaglieri Breda Medium Machine Gun Team   65...
Japanese SNLF Assault Force 1500pt
As Battle raged across the island chains of the Pacific, the Japanese would attempt to take more ground with combined strikes from the air and Sea, one such battle was for Menado in 1942. As the Yokosuka 1st SNLF Paratroopers...
Japanese Island Defence Force 1500pt
The Special Naval Landing Force troops were some of the best of all Japan's fighting men. Deployed in amphibious landings, their well planned and fanatical attacks won them many victories. If however they encountered a determined defence their light equipment...
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British D-Day Landing Force
1 x LCD Landing Craft 1 x British Infantry plastic boxed set 1 x M4 Plastic Sherman plus 1 x British Flamethrower & Combat Engineers FREE! Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£59.00 £54.50
Banzai! Imperial Japanese Starter Army
Boxed set contains the following: 1 metal officer 48 plastic infantry 1 metal medium mortar team 1 metal medium machine gun team 1 plastic Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank Bolt Action stat card Vehicle damage markers The contents of the...
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