Beyond the Gates of Antares Starter Set
In a war-torn universe advanced human societies are bound in a bitter struggle for control of inter-dimensional gateways between worlds – the Gates of Antares. It is a war fought across a million planets and in the depths of space....
Ghar Support Force
AAARRGH what a set! This force includes the Command Crawler, which packs some fearsome firepower, helps you order other units on the battlefield, and allows you to take support options such as the Ghar Disruptor Bomber wielding battlesuits!  We've included an extra...
Ghar Assault Squad (plastic)
The Ghar exist only to fight, having been engineered in the distant past to fight some long-forgotten war. Whoever created them perished eons ago, leaving the Ghar to pursue their one and only purpose remorselessly until the end of time....
Ghar Battle Squad (Plastic)
The Ghar were forged in the forgotten depths of time with one purpose – to wage war! They are feeble and helpless creatures without the protective battle armour that all Ghar warriors wear to battle. Once encased within their metal...
Ghar Bomber Squad (plastic)
The Ghar live only to destroy lesser humans, and will not rest until they finally prevail over a universe emptied of all that verminous race. They were created in ages past – even they do not know when or why...
Outcast Rebel Commander in Battle Armour
The Outcast Rebels have been driven deep into the depths of Antarean space by the forces of the Ghar Empire, and everywhere the brave rebels are forced to fight for their very survival. Cut off from the workshops and armouries of...
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