Thirty Years War Swedish Cavalry Brigade deal
No Swedish army of Gustavus' would go into battle without a large amount of cavalry. These tough horsemen were to be feared on the battlefield. Charging forward they would hold their fire until the last second unleashing a devastating volley...
£112.50 £100.00
Dacian army deal
The perfect start to a Dacian army, this set includes: 2 boxes of Dacian Falxmen 1 box of Dacian Nobles 16 Celt Archers 1 Dacian Scorpio 1 Dacian Command King Decebalus and his Shaman Advisor
Sarmatian Cavalry army deal
The perfect start to a Sarmatian army, this set includes: 3 boxes of Sarmatian Cataphracts 1 Sarmatian Light Cavalry regiment 1 Sarmatian Horse Archers regiment
Ariovistus' Horde
If you're looking to start your Germanic Tribe, then look no further - we've put together a handy bundle, containing the core components of a formidable force - including a whole heap of the brand new items - lead by...
Gallic Celt army deal
The perfect start to a Gallic Celt army, this set includes: 3 boxes of Celtic Warriors 1 box of Celtic Cavalry 16 Celt Archers 1 Celt Chieftains Pack 1 Celt Army Standard Bearer
Landsknechts Army Deal
Contents: 1 x Landsknecht command advancing 3 x Landsknecht Pike advancing 1 x Landsknecht command standing 3 x Landsknecht Pike standing 2 x Landsknecht Handgunners 1 x Landsknecht Handbüchse light gun 1 x Landsknecht casualties 1 x Last Rites - Landsknecht wounded 1 x Landsknecht Looting Party Models supplied unassembled...
1st & 2nd Heavy Cavalry Divisions Waterloo
This bundle contains 3 boxes of Household Brigades, 4 boxes of Union Brigade, and a blister of a British Royal Horse Artillery 9-pdr for FREE giving you a total of: 36 plastic British Household Brigade heavy cavalry. 3 metal officer miniatures....
Marshal Ney's Cavalry Division
This mixed cavalry formation is led by Marshal Ney himself, complete with a FREE 6 pdr artillery piece from the Divisional support: Set Contains: 1 box set of plastic French Hussars. 1 box set of plastic French Line Lancers. 2 box sets of...
Napoleonic French Grand Battery
But of course - one gun or even one battery may not be enough against your enemies, form up in to the impressive and deadly Grand Battery! This bundle contains: 3 Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery 12-pdr Firing 2...
British Expeditionary Force 1940
To Commemorate Dunkirk, 26 May - 4 June 1940, and in preparation for the Bolt Action Summer Campaign 'Invasion Of Britain' we bring you a series of Bolt Action Armies flavoured to depict these heroic men, of all nationalities, that...
1000pts French Army
Bolt Action Points Values Description   Value Inexperienced 2nd Lieutenant plus 1 attendant   42 Regular Forward Artillery Officer plus 1 attendant   110 Medic   23 Regular Infantry Section (10) LMG Team, LMG loader has pistol, VB launcher  ...
French Motorised Dragoon Regiment
The French army started World War II as the most powerful army in the world. Well-equipped, with excellent tanks and artillery, the infantry divisions were numerous and confident of fighting off the hated Boche as they had twenty two years...
Japanese Island Defence Force 1500pt
The Special Naval Landing Force troops were some of the best of all Japan's fighting men. Deployed in amphibious landings, their well planned and fanatical attacks won them many victories. If however they encountered a determined defence their light equipment...
Japanese SNLF Assault Force 1500pt
As Battle raged across the island chains of the Pacific, the Japanese would attempt to take more ground with combined strikes from the air and Sea, one such battle was for Menado in 1942. As the Yokosuka 1st SNLF Paratroopers...
IJA Motorised Force
With multiple Type 97's, the Japanese will be quick into close quarters battle! Reinforce this with the new Type 4 Ho-Ro and this unit will win for the empire! Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Australian Army
Milne Bay was defended by a motley assortment of soldiers that had arrived between June and August 1942. These included veteran soldiers of the AIF’s 7th Division who had fought at Tobruk, three militia battalions of the 7th Infantry Brigade,...
1000pts Italian Bersaglieri Army
Bolt Action Points Values Description   Value 2nd Lieutenant plus 2 attendants   60 Bersaglieri Infantry Section (11) 2x LMG Teams, NCO with SMG   186 Bersaglieri Infantry Section (11) LMG Team, NCO with SMG   166 Bersaglieri Infantry Section (10) LMG...
1000pts Italian Army
Bolt Action Points Values Description   Value Regular 2nd Lieutenant plus 1 attendant   60 Regular Forward Artillery Officer plus 1 attendant   110 Regular Infantry Section (10) LMG Team, NCO with SMG   123 Regular Infantry Section (10) LMG...
Tsan Ra Strike Force
Although the Tsan Ra unit types are few in number the ability to include more drone units in smaller forces compared to a regular Isorian army means they can be quite hard hitting. Larger forces can incorporate human elements, which...
Hazard Vector formation - 1000 point Algoryn Army
Featuring the first, full & truly elite army. With only 15 troops plus vehicles and drones, you have a complete and ultimately devastating force. Whilst this army does not have a large amount of bodies, it certainly makes up for...
Algoryn AI Intruder Strike Force
The Intruder Scout Skimmer is designed for mobility in mind, making it the ideal vehicle for the Algoryn to use for scouting and reconnaissance operations whilst still holding the ability to engage the enemy in combat. The Algoryn Intruder command...
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