Episode #4 - Engineering a Victory

This week Bossman John has been adding to his ever-expanding (and triumphantly exhaustive) Black Powder collection. Given that the French had a particular penchant for battlefield engineering, he painted up some French Engineers!




Napoleonic Engineers were tasked with construction and destruction. In addition to laying down bridges to facilitate army movements and laying down fortifications on the battlefields, they would be charged (and be forced to charge) with the removal and any obstacles on the battlefield (an enemy stronghold's gate for example). The French armies of the Napoleonic Wars were particularly adept at this and displayed enormous strength in these endeavours. They were some of the hardiest men on the battlefield.

John emphasises the customizability of the Napoleonic French Engineers miniatures. They can be built with Charleville musket, logging axe or a billhook amongst other Engineering tools. They are truly yours to tailor to your own.

John has opted to mount his miniatures on a single base for ease of play purposes. The full rules for the use and inclusion of Engineers in a Black Powder army can be found in Albion Triumphant Volume Two, but have been included here for convenience:

"All armies had Engineers on hand to assist with destroying, or alternatively reinforcing, sections of the battlefield. The training and numbers of engineers within an army varied widely, although the French excelled in the science.

An army can have one engineer base per Division or 500 points whichever suits your style of army selection. Add the engineer base to one of your infantry battalions at the start of the game. The engineer base increases the abilities of the chosen infantry battalion as follows. When the battalion attacks a building, entrenchment or fortification it gains one additional attack and the enemy unit attacked reduces its morale save by one.

When the battalion defends a building, entrenchment or fortification, an attacking enemy reduce their number of Hand-to-hand attacks by one.

If you are playing a pointed game, the engineering base costs 20 points. A French army that has access to marines of the Guard can select them as an Engineer stand for 20 points rather than the given statistics. This in essence would allow the army two Engineer stands."


We'll check back with John next week to see what in the World of Warlord he's getting up to next!


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