Episode #3 - Mortar Blasts and Portuguese Skirmishers


Our illustrious leader Mr John Stallard, is back this week with a double feature, supplementing both his Pike & Shotte and Black Powder collections. He tells us all...




There were few more terrifying weapons in the 17th Century than the fearsome blast of the mortar bomb. Though Mortars were most often employed in sieges, requiring a skilled crew and rarely used in the field, the model is a fantastic addition to any Pike & Shotte force.


Their effectiveness in sowing destruction can not be denied, however. 


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Fast-forwarding by a century or so, John has also been bulking out his Portuguese Black Powder Army with some Cacadores. John has painted these in their trademark brown uniforms.

The Cacadores were especially fine light infantry in the Black Powder era and sit equally well within a pure Portuguese force or as part of an Anglo-Portuguese Army.



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