Episode #2 - "Hoist by his own Petard" (Pet Toad!)


This week Bossman John (or, our illustrious leader Mr John Stallard, in common Warlord parlance) has once again been at his paint table, this time dabbling in the era of pike & shotte warfare. He's been painting up a Storming Party with Petard. He tells us a little about them.



The petard was a wooden device packed with explosive employed to breach fortifications by blasting open a door or punching through a castle wall, or perhaps destroy a vital bridge. Lit by a fuse, the assault troops would be instructed to 'run like the devil', lest each man be, in the phrase coined by Shakespeare in Hamlet, "hoist with his own petard".


John was drawn to the eye-catching art of the box set, depicting the storming party "running like the blazes". Accompanying the petard is a unit of dismounted cavalry. Cavalry quite often had little to do in a siege environment, but such men were often well armed with carbines, pistols and grenades, and benefitted from much more effective armour than their fellows. In such situations, they were often employed as highly effective assault troops.

John is particularly fond of the officer model with sword raised and brandished pistol, effective as both a firearm or even as a club in a pinch.


The models can be used for any English Civil War or Thirty Years War Army. John has opted for Rose sashes on his models - which he envisages pertains to Royalist troops. The characterful sculpts lend themselves perfectly to skirmish wargaming!



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