Episode #1 - Prussian Landwehr Cavalry & Friends of General Haig

It's the inaugural 2020 musings of our illustrious leader, Mr John Stallard! This week we're taking a look at the latest to come from his fabled paint station. He got his hands on some Prussian Landwehr Cavalry over Christmas...


John just couldn't wait to get to grips with some of the forthcoming Prussian kits soon to join our Black Powder range in our superbly detailed Warlord Resin. And sure enough, whilst some of us Warlorders were stuffed with Crimbo turkey and were finding it a tremendous effort even to munch on an after-dinner choccie (or perhaps that was just me!), John could be found at his painting station, adding to his ever-expanding Napoleonic Prussian Army.  You can see his efforts below. Perhaps his paint station has magical properties...

John has envisaged his Prussian Landwehr Cavalry as a reservist unit. You'll notice that a small number of the miniatures don the schirmmütze (a soft peaked cap) rather than the popular shako. 

The thunderous beat of hoofbeats is set to reverberate throughout the Earth, as John's Prussians are set to alight a Black Powder battlefield in the near future.

If you want to see John's Prussians in action, he is a regular attendee of the Friends of General Haig Wargaming Club near Worcester in the UK. Interested in getting involved? Here's the info:


The Friends of General Haig (FOGH) are an eclectic group of tabletop wargamers who meet fortnightly just outside the city of Worcester in the UK.  We have recently moved to a new venue and are looking for potential new recruits.

Some things you probably want to know about the FOGH:

Who are we?  An informal bunch of around 12 wargamers, predominantly from the Airfix generation.  We share a common passion for friendly games, toy soldiers, and attractive terrain.  Although most of us also play fantasy and sci-fi, we are all history nerds to some degree or another. 

When do we meet?  We meet every other Saturday afternoon, 2pm to 7pm.  Next meetings are on the 11th and 25th January. 

Where do we meet?  We meet at Holt Heath Village Hall, 15 minutes north of Worcester City Centre.  (Google Maps location: https://goo.gl/maps/M5rF8fMLqzh5KFSJ9 ).  The hall has off-road parking, easy access, kitchen and toilet facilities, good lighting, with plenty of tables and seating available. 

What do we play?  Like many gamers our tastes are constantly changing and evolving, but currently we play quite a lot of Black Powder in a variety of scales, Pike and Shotte in 28mm, and Blitzkrieg Commander in 15mm.  We experiment and tinker with many games, and it is common to find us trying out a new rule set, or a new set of modifications.  We do very little competitive gaming, and typically club members take it in turns to put on a large-ish, multiplayer game, providing the figures and terrain.  We typically have two games at each meeting, but sometimes three and occasionally only one.

How much does it cost?  We charge £5 per meeting with the first meeting being free.  (You will normally get tea, coffee and a biscuit included!) This charge goes towards the hire of the hall, with any excess being used to finance the club terrain.  We have a large selection of two foot square foam modules, hills, trees and other terrain paraphernalia. 

Why would you bother to contact FriendsOfGeneralHaig@gmail.com?  If you are interested in joining the FOGH, and playing some light hearted games of toy soldiers, then email Andy at this email address to confirm when we are meeting next.  We ask for no commitment other than you having a laugh with like minded gamers, and we reserve the right to reject you if you turn out to be “that guy”.  We don’t have the ability to look after unaccompanied juniors (under 18s), but they are very welcome to attend with their wargaming parent or carer.  Your first meeting is free, and you are welcome to attend as frequently or infrequently as you want. 


We'll catch up with John next week to see what other wonders will emerge from the menagerie of Warlord's Chairman!

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